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Libreria Antiquaria Bourlot is an historical italian bookseller founded in Turin in 1848 by Vittorio and Pietro Bourlot, who discended from Fenestrelle (Val Chisone), opened a book's stand under the arcades in place San Carlo.
The bookshop was conducted by the same family for five generations and with time takes a great success, attracting the attention of onlookers and bibliophiles from all over the word.
Among the most important are: the First Italian's citizen Luigi Einaudi, Umberto of Savoy, the Dukes of Genoa, Giuseppe Giacosa, Benedetto Croce, Achille Loria, Luigi Pirandello, Francesco Pastonchi, Ettore Petrolini, Arturo Toscanini, Roberto Tremelloni, Giovan Pietro Vieusseux, Ermete Zacconi, and many others characters of political, culture and entertainment. Next to these names should be added the owners of antiquarian historical bookshop of Italy and strangers, like, Hoepli of Milano, Olschki e Gozzini of Firenze, Rappaport of Roma, Maggs e Quaricht of London, De Nobele, Loliée and Clavreuil of Paris, Harrassovitz and Hiersemann of Berlin, Rosenthal of Munich, Tulkens of Bruxelles, Landarchet of Lyon.

Antiquarian Bookshop Bourlot Torin - Vintage picture
Antiquarian Bookshop Bourlot Torino - The bookshop

Antiquarian Bookshop Bourlot Torino - The bookshop In autumn 1947 Gian Vittorio Bourlot, founded with other 18, the A.L.A.I.: Associazione Librai Antiquari d'Italia.
For nearly half a century the bookshop belongs to the family Birocco. Now the owner is Marco Birocco.

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