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Libreria Antiquaria Bourlot since 1947 is part of A.L.A.I., Associazione Librai Antiquari d'Italia and of I.L.A.B., International League of Antiquarian Booksellers.
In the bookshop you can find old books, manuscripts and original prints from XI to XX century:

  • Italian literature books
  • Science books
  • Travel books
  • Local history books
  • Mountaineering books
  • Illuminated books
  • Artists' books
  • Original bindings from XV to XX century
  • Atlas
  • Decorative prints
  • Original prints and lithography of different artists from XV to XX century
  • Original maps of Piemonte, Italy and the rest of the world, terrestrial and celestial planispheres
  • Original views and plans of Torino, Italy and the rest of the world

Libreria Antiquaria Bourlot buy individual books or entire collections of books and original prints.

Antiquarian Bookshop Bourlot Torino - Book detail
Antiquarian Bookshop Bourlot Torino - Original print Estimations and expertises

It also produces estimations for various purposes:

    Antiquarian Bookshop Bourlot Torino - Detail
  • Insurance
  • Hereditary divisions
  • Expertise
  • Inventories of libraries and collections of prints
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