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Realdi Columbi cremonensis, in Almo Gymnasio Romano Anatomici celeberrimi, De re anatomica libri XV. Venezia, Nicolò Bevilacqua, 1559 - 24 gennaio (in fine).

Venditore di castagne. Napoli, Gatti e Dura, 1835 circa.

Ascension du Mont Cervin - 14 juillets 1865. La chute. Parigi, Goupil, 1865.

Antiquarian BookShop Bourlot Torino Antiquarian BookShop Bourlot Torino

Libreria Antiquaria Bourlot was founded in 1848. Currently is located in via Po 7 under the arcade of the street, 30 meters from piazza Castello.

In the bookshop You can find old and rare books of science, italian literature, local history, travel books, mountain and mountaineering books, modern artist books, documents, illuminated books, original prints, views and maps of Italy and the rest of the world, from XI to XX century.

We publish catalogs twice a year available online and on paper.


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The new window of the bookshop dedicated to maps.

Is available on paper and online the catalog n° 345: Miscellanea di libri, stampe, disegni, vedute & carte geografiche dal XVI al XX secolo.

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